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Chilombo Chila

Adoption Enablers

Chilombo Chila is an Electrical/Electronics Engineer with vast experience in Energy Planning, power development and electrification as well as development and management of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency programmes and projects.  Chilombo is currently coordinating the establishing of a national Energy Sector Planning unit by guiding the development of the Governance Processes, Systems, Policies, Strategies and Budgets to support both short and long term implementation and operationalization of the Unit that will ensure that energy planning systems developed as part of the Integrated Resource Plan are maintained and updated, and extended to support a renewed focus on energy access and renewable energy.

Chilombo has been actively involved and supported various projects and research at regional level on decarbonisation of transport and as a member of ZEMIA seeks to contribute to the development of policy, strategies and plans that are key to creating an enabling environment for the uptake and adoption of Electric vehicles in Zambia.