Clement Sichimwa - Head of Research _ Development - Bios (1)

Clement Sichimwa

Head of Research & Development

Clement Sichimwa is a self-motivated individual who wishes to become a Tourism, Climate Change, E-mobility, Gender, and Environment Researcher of international repute. His desire to become a researcher stems from an early childhood curiosity and desire to explore and document phenomena. With Climate Change studies coming to the fore, Clement was motivated to pursue an MSc in Environmental Ecology, a PhD in Tourism Management, and to participate in various research projects. 

Clement’s interest in Tourism, E-mobility, Gender, and Climate Change Research is motivated by his perpetual desire to learn more. His participation in various research projects has helped sharpen his research skills, and to work in a team. His ability to work in a team environment, is what drove him to join ZEMIA, a platform for him to engage and network among a bigger network of like-minded e-mobility experts.