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Accelerating Zero-Emission Public Transportation with ZAMBIAeMOBILIZE

The Zambian Electric Mobility Innovation Alliance (ZEMIA) is excited to announce its participation in the prestigious Leapfrogging to E-mobility Acceleration Partnership (LEAP) grant Fund. This remarkable program, brought to you by the Drive Electric Campaign, represents a global philanthropic effort dedicated to hastening the transition towards clean and sustainable transportation.


ZAMBIAeMOBILIZE is a groundbreaking 2-year project designed to fast-track the adoption of zero-emission public transportation in Zambia. Our mission is to ignite sustainable change in the realm of e-Mobility. At the heart of this initiative are two main work packages:

1. Research and Development Focus for Public Buses:

i. Barrier Analysis: Delve deep into the challenges hindering the electrification of buses along the entire value chain. We’ll also assess international best practices in regulations and legislation, comparing them to Zambia’s current status, and propose short, medium, and long-term solutions.

ii. Techno-economic Analysis: Evaluate various factors such as bus types, operating parameters, infrastructure requirements, and user feedback to develop an integrated mobility framework. Our economic modeling will compare total cost of ownership between electric vehicles (EVs) and internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

iii. Economic Evaluation of EV Tariffs: Determine cost-reflective EV tariffs for public transport in collaboration with local active Distribution Network Service Providers, the Energy Regulation Board, considering network upgrades and affordability.

iv. Economic Analysis and Evaluation of Incentives: Explore the economic impact of potential waivers or incentives on the national budget, working closely with the Ministry of Finance.

2. Roadmap Development for Electrifying Buses:

i. Informed by the findings of the barrier analysis and other sub-work packages, we will engage stakeholders extensively to draft a roadmap for deploying electric buses in Zambia. This roadmap includes policy frameworks and gender-sensitive strategies to pilot projects and scale up integrated mobility systems.

Deadline: September 11, 2023, at 5 PM (CAT)

Expression of Interest:

Apply now for the following project work packages:

A. Barrier Analysis for Electric Bus Transportation Network Development in Zambia

B. Techno-Socioeconomic Analysis for EV Bus Transportation Network Development in Zambia

Please note: The terms of reference (TORs) for other project work packages and sub-work packages will be available on November 30, 2023.

Relevant Application Downloads:


Qualified Zambians and non-Zambians who meet the TOR requirements are welcome to apply. Priority will be given to applications that include local (Zambian) representation to facilitate skills transfer and capacity building at the local level.

Join us in pioneering the future of clean, efficient, and sustainable transportation in Zambia. Be a part of the ZAMBIAeMOBILIZE project and help us accelerate the shift towards a greener and brighter future.

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